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How To Create An Ultra Profitable Martial Arts School.....

even if you only have a handful 
of students

By Lee Mainprize
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  •  TODAY: How to get in front of the perfect prospects and create daily leads. This method is dirt-cheap advertising. Page 50.
  •  Six highly effective ways to get more new students for free that works almost every time. Page 40
  •  How to launch a new school with massive success and how I generated $50,000 on the opening night! Page 53.
  •  Can you really fill your school in the next thirty days - even if you're a complete "unknown"? Page 35.
  •  Learn in a matter of minutes how to increase your chances of success. Page 4.
  •  Five ways to get prospects eager to join ...before you even talk prices. Page 81.
  •   The new approach to generating daily leads. It's like nothing you've ever seen before. Page 50.
  •  How to keep paying students for years instead of months. Page 66.
  •  Seven ways to instantly generate more profits from your school. Page 72.
  •  The most proven ways to prevent annoying student dropouts. Forget the usual "retention tips." This 8-step approach works much better and makes you look like a hero. Page 83.
  •  Where most school owners fail over the long term and how to ensure you’re not one of them! Page 30.
  •  How to eliminate sales resistance and skepticism. A simple approach that has them selling it to themselves. Page 77.
  •  The one thing ALL the world’s most successful school owners do and how you can copy it. Page 13.
  •  Why ditching some classes can actually help you grow. Page 57.
  •  How to win the game and tweak things for even better results. Page 74.
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